Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Been a While

I have now realized I am my mothers daughter. I definitely haven't blogged in forever just like her.
So I thought I would blog about the things that have happened recently. Well nothing has happened. So I really don't have a blog story.
But I can say everything is going well. My mom is getting old and I don't know if I really like that because that means that I am getting old.
School is going well. I like it wait I love it. I'm doing great in it. My grades are looking great nothing to complain about.
Well, I really don't know what else to blog about. Well I'm glad I could give you a little snip it of my life. And whats going on.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am sitting here after the first week of school and wow it is so much different then Dunbar. I use to be able to wear what I want now I have to wear a dress code. Also I have to earn points, I never did that in Dunbar we always just did are own thing. Now, we have 7 classes with the same people normally we change the people we are with. Its so much different then Dunbar i kinda don't know what to do with myself. Well I am pretty happy with myself I have gotten all my points PLUS my bonus points and I am proud of my mom cause she has signed the paper almost EVERY time. Well its the weekend and I was finally happy to see it. But I still have things to do. So I hope this helps you stay a little informed.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Deck

Wow. I have been doing a never ending job with my uncle Ben. Now he started this deck July 6, 2009. But here is the thing, it was supposed to be done this weekend. And yet we haven't even laid all of the concrete, lastly we haven't laid the planks. My feeling with this deck is its never going to end nor be finished.
Ben has been working very weird hours. We can work for hours upon hours (if he feels like it) or we will work 30 minutes and be done for the day. You never know what your time you'll be clocking in or what time you will be clocking out.
Ben does have a theme song and its "Hammer Time." Trust me spend the day with him and you will here it about a thousand times well this part at least "What time is it? It's Hammer time."
On top of this whole deck thing Ben is sticking with his one story of how this deck is going to be built. He NEVER lets mom-mom have her way its his way or the high way.
Well, I am hoping "MY BOSS" doesn't get on here and read this because i don't want to have to be the one to deal with him.
Well, were done working for the day and were hopefully(don't hold your breath) will pick up work in the morning.
Well, lastly "MY BOSS" has anger problems and a sailors mouth.
All I know is that in the last few weeks I have conquered almost every job field: construction, electrical, architecture, and shopping.
Ben and Pierce are going to get the rest of the wood we need hopefully Ben will learn how to use it. LOL

And Ben if you read this I love you and please don't fire me.

My Worst Nightmare

So, a few days ago my mom-mom was on the phone with my mom. They were discussing who was going to tell me. So finally my mom-mom says "Alicia, your mother needs to talk to you." I yelled into the kitchen because i was in the computer room "Am I in trouble?" She then replies "You haven't been home to be in trouble so no your not." So then I am just like okay my mom wants to tell me she misses me and she loves me. I get on the phone with her we talk for a minute then she bluntly says "Alicia, your flying home on Sunday for your interview on Monday and then driving back to mom-mom's with me." I got really exited cause I never get to fly. Then fear hits me I'm scared of heights. So as the day comes closer and closer my nerves are getting worse I have approximately 4 days and about 4 hours till my flight takes off.

PLEASE, PLEASE be praying for me that everything goes smoothly.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer ohh Sweet Summer, A Slice of My Summer

^^[[The girls :)]]^^
So, for the summer my parents ship me and my sisters about 600 miles away from home. Well, no I'm not with complete strangers they are only as strange as family gets. Yeah, That's right I go to Maryland to stay with my mom's parents and my dad's parents. So far this summer has been BUSY. From my brother graduating, to pools with friends, to all nighter's for a WHOLE weekend, to my SWEET SIXTEEN, to meeting the man of my dreams, to an 8 hour car ride, to pools, and getting nails done, to crabs, to pools, to being a "NEW TOY", to building a deck[[a working progress]], to being an "OLD TOY", to broken arms, and car rides with my uncles "girlfriend". Summer has been PACKED I tell you. And here I am with less than a month till school starts still 600 miles away from my parents and Shaun. I still have lots to do till the 7th to keep me busy. Well, I think i should go now and help Ben with the deck OR mom-mom with the girls either way lots to do and soooo little time.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Today, June 10, 2009, has been a very fun day. Not saying that this last week hasn't been one of the greatest family bonding times I have ever had, actually I have really enjoyed myself. Considering I am one of five children this one on one bonding time has been great. But today after dinner we made a treat so good it will have you saying "S'MORE PLEASE" lol :)
The ingredients are pretty simple, all you need is :
1:) honey gram crackers(store brand is just fine)
2:) marshmallows(and make sure they are the big one's not the little)
3:) chocolate bars(Hersey's six pack works great for big groups)

The steps to making them are just as easy(but make sure you have a fire before you start):
1:) put your marshmallow on to a stick(or as we use a metal coat hanger)
2:) roast your marshmallow, depending on how you like your marshmallow:
*for burnt stick ALL the way in fire and let it burn then when it catches on fire quickly pull out and blow on it.
*for brown coating stick above flame and twist very slowly
3:) next take a gram cracker and split in half
4:) then put 2 chocolate squares on one side of your gram cracker
5:) following that sit the marshmallow on the chocolate squares,
6:) now take your other half of gram cracker and push down on the marshmallow while slowly pulling your object away that you used to roast your marshmallow
7:) lastly take a bite and enjoy your S'MORE :)
See its not that hard, I mean my four year old "cousint"(that is a whole other blog) can do it.Well i hope that you and hopefully your family can find a way to enjoy this treat as much as mine did.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Helena Rose :)

Wow Helena Rose is so funny sometimes i wish i was 4 again just like her. Today before we went to the movies we were talking about what type of bathing suit she had. She came into my mom-mom's kitchen and said "Alicia i have a zukiney" she was meaning she had a tank-kiney. Then out of no were she said "Well its really called a Q-kiney" i couldn't help but laugh the little things that kids do make you realize life is to short to get sweat the small stuff.

As you can see when you are four it doesn't really matter what you look like as long as you are happy :)